Are you a fan of vintage SF (film and TV) of the '30's through late '60's? Would you like to get together with other local fans to watch & discuss your favorites?

This was the age of damsels in distress, pocket-change special effects, and those fabulous rubber monster suits. At the same time, such writers as Robert Heinlein, C.L. Moore, and Theodore Sturgeon crafted mature and contemplative screenplays for television and theater audiences. Come watch the best and worst from this era!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014
7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)



(USA, 1965) Original Unaired Pilot Episode - 52 minutes

In the year 1997, the Robinson family leaves Earth in the Gemini 12 space ship and sets out on a journey to be the first humans to colonize Alpha Centauri. Disaster strikes when their ship encounters a meteor storm, veers off course and crash lands on an alien planet. By December 2001, after a delayed revival from suspended animation, the family has settled in over a six month period and made the planet their home, but a severe winter is coming and they must journey south. Traveling in their all-terrain "chariot," the family encounters fearsome cyclops monsters, survives a stormy sea, and explores the cave of an ancient civilization. Eventually they find a tropical region and set up camp, but unbeknownst to them they are being observed by a pair of humanoid aliens.

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(USA, 1965) Pilot Episode - 52 minutes

In the year 1997, the Robinson family leaves Earth in the Jupiter 2 space ship to colonize Alpha Centauri, but Dr. Zachary Smith, working as a saboteur for a foreign government, rigs the environmental control robot to destroy the ship's control systems within hours after take off. Events lead to Smith being trapped aboard the doomed ship, which encounters a meteor storm and veers light years off course. Soon, the robot becomes active and does further damage before it can be stopped. Later, Professor John Robinson tries to fix the ship's sensor systems but must go outside the craft to perform the repairs. He becomes untethered and his wife Maureen goes out to help him.

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(USA, 1965) 52 minutes

Maureen saves her husband and he makes the repairs to the ship, but an approaching comet heats the hull of the Jupiter 2 and the hatch door becomes stuck. Major West forces the door open and saves the couple. Next, the family finds a large alien ship which pulls the Jupiter 2 inside. The Professor and West explore the ship and try to figure out the craft's advanced navigation system in hopes of locating Earth. Meanwhile, young Will Robinson ventures onto the alien ship, followed by Dr. Smith. The two meet an alien creature and Will tries to communicate with it, but Smith hastily shoots with a laser gun. More aliens appear and the furious creatures chase everyone back to the Jupiter 2 which forces its way out of the alien ship to safety.

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(USA, 1965) 52 minutes

The family finds a planet able to support human life and the Professor feels they should land there. He decides to first check out the planet himself and goes off in a rocket space suit, but his suit malfunctions and contact is lost. Major West tries to land on the planet, but Dr. Smith demands they return to Earth and uses the reprogrammed robot to force his authority. West manages to subdue Smith but the Jupiter 2 falls from orbit and crashes on the planet. With everyone safe, West leads a mission in the chariot to find the Professor. Meanwhile, Smith schemes a plan to escape the planet and orders the robot to eliminate all "non-essential personnel."


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