Are you a fan of vintage SF (film and TV) of the '30's through late '60's? Would you like to get together with other local fans to watch & discuss your favorites?

This was the age of damsels in distress, pocket-change special effects, and those fabulous rubber monster suits. At the same time, such writers as Robert Heinlein, C.L. Moore, and Theodore Sturgeon crafted mature and contemplative screenplays for television and theater audiences. Come watch the best and worst from this era!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015
7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)


(USA, 1966) 55 minutes - unaired piot episode

Congress has poured seven billion dollars into a large and deep hole in the ground - the home of Project TicToc and its revolutionary new technology, the Time Tunnel. A mechanism intended to access past and future, the tunnel is not quite ready despite a decade of work and all the billions. Senator Clark declares his intention to cut funding and abandon the project. Desparate scientist Tony Newman uses the apparatus to send himself through time to prove the concept. But the TicToc team cannot retrieve him, and so his mentor Doug Phillips goes back to help Tony out of the peril he has landed in: he has arrived on the RMS Titanic mere days before she struck an iceberg and sank!

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(USA, 1967) 61 minutes - extended piot episode

Architect David Vincent, too long without sleep, takes a side road in search of coffee. But Bud's Diner is closed and so Vincent does the only other thing he can: settles in for a nap. An hour later, at 5:00am, a ruddy glow awakens him. He sees the very unexpected: a space vessel landing nearby! Vincent races off to summon the authorities, but when he returns the dilapidated sign reads "Kelly's Diner" and the ship - if that's what it was - is nowhere around. The authorities dismiss his story by Vincent believes in what he saw, and sets out to find proof.

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(USA, 1969) 51 minutes - pilot episode

SHADO - an acronym for Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization - is located beneath a supposed film studio in the English countryside and run by Commander Straker, who poses as a film producer. When an Unidentified Flying Object attacks a plane in which Straker's deputy Colonel Freeman is travelling it is shot down and investigated. The body of an alien is found and discovered to have transplanted human body parts, seemingly from a trio who disappeared in nearby woods a decade earlier. It is part of the alien plan to take over the Earth to study and imitate humans.

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